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Please feel free to come in or schedule a time to talk anytime. But do be aware of before/after school meetings that may get in the way of confidential conversations.

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - Shaw

I strongly believe that you are who you choose to be. Make the right choices and you can be proud.

Welcome to 4th grade! My name is Adrienne O’Hayre and I couldn't be more excited to get started on yet another year of fun and learning! This is my tenth year teaching here at Westridge. It has been a wonderful experience working in this school. I have learned much from my colleagues and students! My greatest appreciation for Westridge is the high standards that are held by teachers year to year and the adaptability that our staff has for different learning needs.

I have completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Theories and Practices.This was one of the hardest things that I have ever taken on! Thankfully, I worked with other teachers in the building and we were able to successfully finish in less than two years. During that time I also acquired an endorsement in ESL education. Again, daunting, but satisfying to complete! Through all of this I have formed an even stronger belief that hard work pays off and giving up will get you nowhere! You will see this side of me soon!

I grew up in Centennial, and graduated from Littleton High School. From there I explored many paths in college, during which I was a nanny for a family with three children. I discovered how fun it is to watch kids learn and mature. So long story short, I decided teaching would be a great place to begin my career. I graduated from Metro State University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and an Elementary License.

In 2009 I married Ryan O’Hayre! He is the absolute rock in my life. We live in Littleton with our French Bulldog named Drago (refer to Rocky IV) and our son Rory. He is the center of our world! When I can pry myself away from him you will find me reading in the sun, at the gym, or out with friends.

Words cannot express the satisfaction that I have from my life and work. This is going to be an exciting year full of learning! It takes a lot of hard work and occasionally a little sweat and tears but in the end it is all worth it! I tell my students every year that their jobs as kids are to become bigger, stronger, and smarter every day...I can’t wait to play a part in their journey.