Expectations & Policies

Classroom Expectations

In 4th grade, there is an increased responsibility for children to become more independent, and also more accurate. It is an expectation to see correct capitalization and punctuation on ALL writing and in every subject. We also need legible handwriting. You may print or write in cursive on most activities. It is an expectation that students be able to read and write in cursive, however we do allow students to complete work in the style they are most comfortable using. Work that doesn’t meet these standards will be returned to be corrected. Work is often returned with errors to be corrected, because students don’t learn when something is only marked wrong with no follow through. It can be frustrating for the student, the parent, and teacher, but ultimately it helps the student with mastery.

All students need to memorize their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. They will be taking timed tests, and mastering this basic skill is important for future math success. Most math is based on problem solving, but to do the complex multistep problems, there needs to be basic skill mastery. Flashcards and rote practice can be boring, but sometimes that’s what it takes. Practice sheets will go home if needed. We try to go the extra mile and make things fun, but sometimes it just takes practice, practice, practice!

Writing is a huge focus in 4th grade! Watch for more about this as the year goes on!


We do a great deal of learning in 4th grade, and this includes practice in class. We typically allow students extra time to complete most assignments. There are also opportunities throughout the week for students to complete work; study hall, free work time given in class, etc. We like to encourage students to use these times to finish classwork. If they are not making the best choices for these allotted times they will be made for them. Ultimately the work will be sent home for completion. This is in addition to nightly homework and spelling homework.

Work turned in without a name will not be graded and no credit will be given. This includes homework that will be recorded as missing and result in missing recess. The first thing a child should do is write his/her name on the paper. We tell students this shows that they are proud of their work. And they should ALWAYS be proud of their work!!

Agendas & Friday Folders

Agendas are filled out daily by all students. Your child is to show you their agenda nightly and your signature/initials are required every day! Please ask to see it to help get them in the habit of showing it to you every night on their own. This is an excellent communication tool for student/parents/teachers.

Friday Folders are sent home EVERY WEEK & DUE EVERY MONDAY. If there are any important papers or important information during the week, we will send them home when appropriate. If we need to communicate with you between Friday Folders, we will use the student’s agenda, phone messages and/or email. Please be sure to check your child’s Friday Folder and classroom website every week.

Snacks & Water Bottles

Please try to send things like pretzels or a piece of fruit that aren't very messy and easy to consume. Students do not need to be bringing high sugar junk food snacks. We need fuel for our brains and bodies. (see Wellness Doc below)

Students may bring reusable bottles if they wish. We encourage them to use these all week and take them home on Fridays to be washed. If students are using disposable bottles, they can refill bottles throughout the week and then recycle the bottles on Friday and bring a new, clean bottle on Monday.