Meet and Greet

MEET and GREET Mrs. Westfall 2017-18

Meet and Greet Night Important Information


Individual snacks may be brought to school every day. These may NOT be shared with any other student. Students should bring in a healthy quick snack and a safe-cap water bottle. Please bring in something that can be eaten with clean fingers and in an easy open container, such as apple-slices, banana, and/or fruit snacks. Due to allergies we are asking that NO peanut or nut snacks be brought in.


We will be using computers during our school day, but we need your help at home too. Please encourage your child to visit the online keyboarding sites found on the Westridge Home Page in the Library section and practice at home. There is a good chance that there will be a home research project and they will be asked to present using technology, therefore it is important students have as many opportunities at home and in school to use various forms of technology.

Friday Folders

Friday Folders are sent home EVERY WEEK. If there are any important papers or important information between Friday Folders, I will send them home in their Nightly Homework Folder or phone messages and/or email. Please be sure to check your child’s Friday Folder and sign it every week.


Parents are needed for the following activities: 1) Room Parent (organizing 2 parties); 2) Friday Folder Manager; 3) Classroom opportunities such as helping with reading and math groups and special projects.


~Our school psychologist is currently offering several support groups for students who may be going through a difficult time. Please see your child’s teacher for more information.

~If you wish to send in Birthday Treats some ideas could be bookmarks, pencils, stickers, etc. Please no food items.

~Specials schedule is on the Westridge website. Be sure to check what group your child is in; Broncos, Av’s, or Rockies.

~The lunch menu is on the Westridge website.

Permission To Use Photographs

It is now incorporated within the Jefferson County Code of Conduct, which each parent must read and sign, that pictures of students may be used in newsletters and on websites associated with our school. If you DO NOT want us to use their picture in this way, please make this request in writing by September 14th.


A weekly Homework Packet will be sent home on Fridays in the Friday Folder. This homework is due back to school the following Friday with a parent signature stating that you have looked over your child’s homework and helped them where needed. In the Homework Packet there will be spelling, cursive, and a fluency passage that needs to be read a minimum of four (4) times throughout the week.

Math homework will come home most nights Monday- Thursday. This will cover concepts that we worked on in class that day as well as a review of past concepts. Please practice multiplication and division facts at least 5 minutes a day every day. (A good place to do this is in the car, at a restaurant while waiting, have an older sibling practice with them as well.)

Read EVERY NIGHT for a minimum of 20 minutes. The difference between reading 20 minutes a night and 5 minutes a night is over 3,000 words. It is important for your child to read every day to become a better reader BUT it is equally important for you to still read to them as you model good reading skills to them.

Any work that your child did not finish in class will be due back to school the next day.

Missing/ Incomplete Class Work

There is no Study Hall at school. Students may choose to stay in from recess Tuesday- Thursday to catch up on work. If your child is behind in assignments they will lose part or all of their recess to complete work. I only have them lose recess for work completion IF they have work that is more than a week late. There will be a weekly/ bi-weekly Missing Work list that your child is responsible to check. I will help them with this.


Please help your child clean out their backpacks often. If your child has a cell phone remind them that they need to keep them in their bags in a safe place and turned OFF. Do not have your child bring any toys, electronics, or anything that is near and dear to them. Chapstick and lotion are fine.


Social Studies/ Studies: Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities; Life Cycles; Big City; Earth Materials; Matter; First Americans

Math: multiplication (fluency), division, geometry, fractions, time, addition, and subtraction

PLEASE practice multiplication facts daily at home!!!!

Writing: Writing Process, figurative language, fact/opinion, explaining (how-to), reflection (response to reading), narrative, compare/contrast, integration of writing across all content areas

Reading: transitioning from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”, cross-curriculum, making personal connections, at least 50% non-fiction


4, 3, 2, 1 systemic throughout Westridge. 4 = Performing consistently above grade level. 3 = Standard (this is where your child should be performing). 2 = below grade level standard. 1 = significantly below grade level standard.

Field Trips

We will be having a few field trips throughout the school year as well as bringing in speakers. We will be welcoming and needing parent volunteers. Field trips that I know we will be taking (other opportunities may arise as the year progresses) are Bear Creek Lake Park, Day in Denver, South Platte River (?).

Extended Projects

There will be 2-3 long term at home projects. Your child will be given classroom instruction and expectations as well as written directions to go home. They will be given NO LESS than 3 weeks to complete each project.

Fun Stuff

*The 1st Friday of each month is Spirit Day- students wear Westridge attire OR gray or maroon clothing.

*Restaurant Nights: Check the Wildcat for dates and times. Proceeds earned directly affect your child.

*Box Tops, Campbell Soup labels, and Longmont Dairy lids are easy non-painful ways we continue on a daily basis to raise funds for our school.