6th Grade FACS

6th Grade Units:

Introduction to Foods & Nutrition

Personal Development (co-taught with Social-Emotional Specialist Ms. Yates)

Technical Reading & Production

Make Up Work Policy:

All assignments, with the only exception of warm ups, may be redone for full credit.

Cooking Lab Make Up

The most common make up assignment students will have in FACS is a lab make up. If you are gone during a cooking lab OR are unhappy with a lab grade and want to improve your skills, you will need to make up the assignment by preparing something at home. It does NOT have to be what we made in class but rather something you would like to prepare at home (must have at least 5 ingredients and 5 instructional steps). Please download the lab make up attached below, prepare at home, have a parent/guardian rate each category and sign, and complete the questions on the back of the make up to receive full credit.

I strongly encourage family members to get involved in this fun assignment! Students often enjoy cooking for their family and love getting ideas from their family members on what to prepare, such as a family tradition meal!

Lab MAKEUP revised 7.30.doc