The Fourth Grade Website

Hello, welcome! This site has been created for Shaffer's 4th grade students and their parents to keep up with the classroom and get extensions to help at home. Please, explore and become familiar with the sight and feel free to contact us anytime at:

Derek Bahlmann Brad Peel Luree Zehner

At Shaffer, fourth grade students are:

  • developing skills to be self-evaluative and accountable.
  • developing applicable problem solving skills and thinking strategies.
  • empowered to have ownership of their learning and success.
  • working in authentic learning context.
  • having access to extension activities and differentiated instruction.
  • developing global community awareness.

and their parents are:

  • encouraged to be contributors to learning partnerships.
  • acutely aware of their child's academic and social progress through transparency and communication provided by staff and administration.

Fourth Grade Schedule

8:50-9:15 Soft Start/Warm Up

9:15-10:15 Math

10:15-11:40 Science or Social Studies

11:40-12:25 Specials

12:25-1:30 Literacy (Writing)

1:30-1:55 Lunch

1:55-2:15 Recess

2:15-3:25 Literacy (Reading)

3:25-3:35 Stack and Pack

SAVE THE DATES-Check the Shaffer ES Calendar for more information

11/2 No School (Non-Contact Day)

11/8 Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

11/9 End of Term 1

11/12 Veteran's Day Celebration 9:15-10:15 at the Ken-Caryl Memorial

11/16 Report cards for Term 1 go home

11/19-11/23 Thanksgiving Break-No School

Thanks to Don, Luke and Brandon at Don Ticknor Insurance Agency (Lakewood) for granting us $100 of school supplies, AGAIN, this year, as part of Farmer's Insurance's initiative to reach out to the community.

Don and Luke Ticknor from Farmers Insurance, bearing gifts
Mr. Peel with gifts from Farmers Insurance