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Last spring the WCMS library was reorganized by genre. Called genrefication, this process allows us to shelve books that have a similar style near one another. It also allows kids to find books in the same way they might at a book store. For example, a student might really like mysteries. Before, mysteries were mixed in with all of the other books and kids would have to do a catalog search or rely on our staff to help locate them. Now, students can really browse their favorite section. Many libraries, including Anythink in Adams County, have tried this approach and had great success!

So far our students and most of our staff have had positive feedback about the changes. And, while it's a bit early to draw firm conclusions, I can say without a doubt that we've been really busy. Since the beginning of the year, we've circulated 2,914 items. Of those, our most popular genre has been Graphic Novels with 450 checkouts. Dystopian were close second with 402 circulations since the beginning of the year. Overall we are very happy with our decision to reorganize.


In addition to books and technology, Digital Teacher Librarians frequently collaborate with classroom teachers to expand lessons of all sorts. At the end of this month, I'll be working with our Preforming Arts teachers to create "Ted style" talks. In this lesson, our students research "an idea worth sharing" and create talk that is filmed and shared with other students and staff. This is our second year for this lesson and our students have created some amazing talks. Please check back in early December to see some of the finished products!

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