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Device Issues

If you are having technical issues, please refer to the Student, Family, and Community Technical Resources page. If you are still unable to fix your issue, call the family support line at 303.982.3438 between 7a and 4p, Monday - Friday. Jeffco IT staff will do our best to resolve technical issues remotely.

Device Replacement

If your student's Jeffco owned device is unusable due to physical damage or you have technical issues that cannot be resolved, call the family support line at 303.982.3438 between 7a and 4p, Monday - Friday. Jeffco IT staff will work with you on a plan to repair or replace the device.

Password or Login Issues

Is your student's password not working? Are they unable to log into something? If your student has registered in the Password Reset Tool, they can use the Resetting My Jeffco Student Password instructions to reset their password. If your student has not registered in the password reset tool, have them contact their teacher to have it reset.

Also, feel free to contact Wayne Carle's Librarian if you have additional questions:

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Learning from Home & Library Services

As we transition to on-line learning students are welcome and encouraged to e-mail Ms. Miskimon for book suggestions and help with resources that will support their school work. Students may also choose to join our VIrtual Library Google Classroom xjp7mky.


In addition to books and technology, Digital Teacher Librarians in Jeffco frequently collaborate with classroom teachers to expand lessons of all sorts. Last year we created Ted style talks and worked in Art on Claymation.

Library Schedule - Alls scheduled library dates are on hold! - Please e-mail Ms. Miskimon to add events to the library calendar