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FACS Cupcake Videos

You might have noticed the food video phenomenon recently on the internet. These quick "how to" video tutorials are everywhere and they seem to have quite a fan following. Our 8th grade FACS students recently had the opportunity to share their cupcake decorating skills by making short videos. They did a great job and lots of fun was had by all. Click here to see pictures from this project!

Google Expeditions

On Thursday students in both 7th & 8th grade Science classes had the opportunity to take part in the Google Expeditions AR program. A representative from Google came to WCMS to show teachers and students how to use the Google Expeditions Augmented Reality app. The app, which hasn't been released yet, allows students to observe and explore 3D models in their classroom. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality encourages kids to collaborate and interact with one another as they explore. Our 8th grade classes spent time exploring the coral reef and observing the rotation of our planet while our 7th grade classes observed examples of animal camouflage and different human body systems. Click here to see pictures from our day!

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