Meet the Paras

Primary Center Paras

Delisa Vanevenhoven

Valerie MacNeil

Intermediate Center Paras

Amanda DiPentino

Born during the Video Game Revolution, Amanda DiPentino has spent her life conquering Nintendo games. With her cat Chewbaca and her dogs Daisy and Penny by her side, nothing can stop her, Not even the First Order. Filled with her passion of teaching kids with special needs, armed with an amazing husband, Danny, and a most beautiful daughter, Brianna, this Colorado Native always has all of her students' best interests at heart. Mrs. D hopes to one day have her own classroom and eventually conquer the educational world.

Babette Navratil

I wear many hats, Wife (24 years), Mom (FOREVER), and para-educator (15 years). I belong to the Starbucks club. Things you might hear me say, "Did you get that at Kohls?", "My dog, Khalessi is CRAZY!", and "I NEED coffee!". Something I hear a lot, "You're lips are SO red", to my reply "Why yes they are :)". I also like to doodle/draw/color...even math needs illustration. Most of all I'm proud to be part of the SWANSON Family!