Welcome to 1st Grade!

We are very excited to be teaching your children this year. We have many exciting events planned to make this an exciting year. We will be doing projects, writing books, and going on a field trip later in the year.

There are a couple of changes at Swanson this year that are different from previous years. First, Swanson will no longer provide a morning and an afternoon snack. However, we do believe that it is important for children to have snacks. If you wish, you may send a snack to school with your child. We are a healthy school, so please provide a healthy snack. Also, we will not be allowing students to share food or snacks. We love for children to share, but we have children that have allergies and we can't monitor what is in snacks. The children will have their snack in the morning. We also want students to stay hydrated, so please send in a water bottle. It is helpful if the bottle closes to avoid spills. Another change is that Swanson no longer provides free breakfast for all students. We are sure that all students will have a good breakfast, here or at home. Please finish eating breakfast at home or in the Dining Room. We will begin instruction right away and not have time in the room to eat. We also have had problems with ants! One final change at Swanson is that the Office Staff and Administration will no longer allow students to be checked out after 3:15.