Span the Bridge

Halloween Skate Day

Wednesday, October 31st

Halloween is quickly creeping up on us at which time all of the JCOS creatures of the night will gather at Roller City West for our wicked all school skate day. On Wednesday, October 31st, dressed in our most outrageous costumes, we will climb aboard the buses and be transported to the Roller City West (6803 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood 80226) for a monstrous time.

This year, the cost of skating and the buses will be covered by money raised at last year’s Pumpkin and Zombie Dash. We’ll be picked up from school at 9:00 and dropped back off at 1:30. Don’t forget to pack all the gooey and slimy things that you want to eat for lunch and bring your roller blades if you want to use them. Parents, grandparents and siblings are welcome to join us if they dare. Please call Rosie at #303-982-7056 if you have any questions.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear your costumes, as long as it won’t get in the way of skating (no masks or costumes that hang down by your feet). Come dressed in your best and be ready to have a bone chilling good time.

Haunted House – Do you like to be scared? If so, come on down to the gym and get ready to scream. We will open the doors to the haunted house around 1:45 and will keep them open until 3:30 or until everyone is too scared to go through any more.

Hey 6th grade families! We want to create a group so that we can all be connected and hang out together. Follow the link below to add your name to our email list (which will only be used for 6th grade family gathering events) and/ or join our Facebook page as well. We are hoping to connect everyone from our 6th grade classes. Angie Dancer 303-885-5053

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