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Welcome 6th Graders and Families.

On this website you will find assignments, resources for research, daily slides and important links. Below is a calendar which has due dates, daily descriptions of topics we are learning about and links to assignments.

***New January 23, 2019*** A list of assignments follows the calendar that contain links to the assignment that you may print off or use digitally.

I am available during Access as well as before school from 7:45-8:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with me.

In addition you may contact me any time via email: Dylan.Burdick@jeffco.k12.co.us

Outdoor Lab News and Notes

**New January 13, 2018**

Here are some Outdoor Lab links:

  • Students were given a Acknowledgment Form for parents to fill out. This must be turned back to Mr. Burdick by February 5th!! Here is a link to it that you can print out, initial, sign and return: Form
  • Do you want Outdoor Lab gear like hoodies, t-shirts, water bottles, sunglasses and more. Go to the following link to find out how to order: http://www.outdoorlabfoundation.org/shop
  • Are you having difficulties finding out how to afford Outdoor Lab? King Soopers and Safeway offer a card program that gives a portion of their sales towards fundraising for OELS. Visit the following link for more information: http://outdoorlabfoundation.org/lab-cards-program/

Quick Links:

Santino's St. Baldrick's Presentation Links

Directions for Calendar:

  • Click on the day to give you details on the day, assignment and any other information on what we are doing.
  • All of the assignments and slides are attached to the day it was assigned (It will usually have a title for the assignment).
  • Click on the detail of day and click "more details"
  • It will bring you to the full calendar on a different tab and will have an info box pop up with the day you clicked on.
  • Click on the attachment in the middle of the information box (It will have a blue icon for a Google Doc and an orange icon for Google Slides).
  • Click on the image and it will open the document/slide on a new tab. This is your copy, you may print it out or fill it out digitally.


Geography Help

Geography Games

Printable Maps

Geography Now Videos

Economics Help

History Help

History Of Everything


Slides Quarter 3


Click on the underlined text to get a link to the assignment:

History of Dogs - Via Google Classroom

History of Your Hobby

Lost Colony of Roanoke Investigation

MonsterGram - Via Google Classroom

Biography Report