HOW will this benefit teachers?

  • Many SLHS teachers are already using some form of technology in their classrooms such as online assessments, Google Classroom, etc.
  • Increased access during assessment opportunities (MAP testing, Mastery Connect, etc)
  • Student progress monitoring of assignments becomes more manageable
  • Link to a great article Why schools must move beyond one-to-one computing

WHAT are our next steps?

  • Class of 2021 and 2022 will purchase a Chromebook through the district. A yearly fee will be charged. Once student graduates, device ownership will be transferred to the student.
  • Class of 2023 will pay a yearly fee to use district Chromebook. Once the student graduates, SLHS will retain ownership of the device.
  • 2019-2020 All new freshman, sophomores and juniors will be required to have a chromebook

Other Practical Considerations

Will the students be using these in every class every day?

No, not necessarily. The Chromebook is a useful tool, but not meant to completely erase the need for other educational tools and strategies. Teachers will facilitate when the device is needed. Teachers are trained in student differentiation so that they understand not all students learn well on the computers all the time. The opportunity to use the devices everyday will always be there; the expectation to use the device everyday will not.

Will all assignments and communication be electronic now?

While we do want to take opportunities to reduce our paper consumption and streamline our communication, we do not want to neglect a need that might be out there. Teachers will use their website, email, and calendars for communication, but human contact is also highly valued and encouraged.

Will students still use textbooks?

Yes, each content area will have expectations for class and some of those classes have textbooks, but with this new technology, some textbooks may be moved to an online resource.

How and when will students receive their new Chromebook?

Chromebooks will be distributed at school, during the fall of 2019. Specific times and dates will be announced in May.

    • Information about usage, support, and expectations of family and students
    • Fee Contracts signed and returned to SLHS
    • Device distribution

What if the chromebook isn't brought to class, or it isn’t charged?

Every student will be expected to bring a fully charged Chromebook to every class every day. Charging stations at various points in the school will be made available for use before, during an off block, or after school. Classrooms may not have charging capabilities.

What happens if a device breaks or is not working correctly?

These Chromebooks are the student’s responsibility. We HIGHLY recommend a case for the Chromebook and that the device is stored in a safe location when not in use. We will follow the same policy as if you damaged or lost a textbook, or if an item is lost or stolen. If stolen, or damaged by someone else, immediately file a police and incident report in the main office.

Library student assistants will be trained to support most troubleshooting issues with backup devices ready to be checked out if further repair or resetting is necessary for the device.

How will the devices be managed and maintained?

Students will be expected to care for their device and bring it charged to every class period.

Can students print from a Chromebook?

Yes, at home when using a Google Cloud Printer.

Yes at school using printers in the library.

Can a Chromebook be used offline?

Yes, but you will need to do a few things ahead of time when you are online. Click here for video tutorial.