Digital Safety

Keeping your kids safe in a digital world:

Common Sense Media is dedicated to helping families keep their students safe in an online world and gives tips on how to talk to your child about difficult topics. Spend some time going through all the resources.

SLHS Plan for Digital Safety:

  • All incoming Freshman will be enrolled in workshops teaching digital citizenship and safety.
  • Teachers will receive ongoing professional development around the topic.
  • Parent nights will be hosted, providing support for families in navigating these issues.
  • Safety tips will be sent out in our monthly newsletter.
  • SLHS Digital Tools Menu will be updated regularly to communicate what online tools students are using in class.

Family Contracts

Having family discussions about safety, usage, and expectations ahead of time with co-planned consequences may prevent many arguments in the future. When teenagers help develop the expectations and consequences, they are more likely to follow the rules. Below is a sample parent/student contract of expectations.

If you would like a copy of the planning guide, click here.

Copy of Parenting in a Digital World Checklist