Device Distribution

Device Distribution

Freshman will receive devices during study hall starting on August 22nd

Sophomores will receive devices after Freshman devices have been handed out starting the week of August 27

For students to pick up their Chromebook, they must have completed three steps.

1. First acknowledgement of the Parent and Student Handbook which details the District Policy for Acceptable Use of Technology agreement, which is done through Jeffco Connect.

2. The fee must be paid for the device – or confirmation that your family has qualified for Free or Reduced Lunch. The qualification letter must be brought to our financial secretary, Ms. Whitesides.

3. The attached form entitled SLHS Tech Fee Use Agreement must be completed and returned to the SLHS Main Office.

Students are expected to bring the device charged each day to school, as they will receive a charging cord with the Chromebook. As parents, you have the right to enforce any expectations desired including limits to its usage at home. Usage of the Chromebook is part of our solution for preparing our students for the 21st century work environment they will experience once they complete their education.

  • Make sure you have paid the fee for the Chromebook in Jeffco Connect. If you need directions for how to do this, click here.

Financial information:

Free and reduced lunch students: Please go onto Jeffco Connect to ensure the fee has been adjusted properly, If the fee has not been adjusted properly, bring the letter you received for enrollment in the program and take it to the financial secretary the night of the event. If you still need to apply for free and reduced lunch, go to this website for more information and scroll to the very bottom to begin application process. PLEASE make sure you select YES on the permissions option to share the information with the school. If you receive SNAP, FDPIR or TANF benefits, this application process still must be completed as well for fees to be adjusted.

Opt out due to BYOD: Bring your own device

If you are opting out due to bringing your own device, make sure you have followed these steps in order to access the wifi at school and fill out this form so that we can eliminate the fee.

Financing options:

Jeffco Connect (where you pay student fees) isn’t set up to be able to accept partial payments and SLHS doesn’t have the ability to manage a payment system. If you absolutely can’t afford the fee, please do come to family night because we will be discussing additional options to ensure everyone can participate in the program.