Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Kristin Pullen

Social Emotional Learning Specialist


Welcome to the Social Emotional Learning site! My name is Kristin Pullen, Social Emotional Learning Specialist serving Prospect Valley 2.5 days/week. My weekly schedule:

Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday flex, Friday all day.

In the role of social emotional learning specialist, I support the social/emotional learning, mental health, and social skills of kids. I’m focused on the whole child, and elevating social skills (self awareness, social awareness, self management, problem solving and responsible decision making) just like we support kids acquiring reading, writing and math skills.

My work is focused in three distinct buckets;

  1. School culture and climate
  2. Supporting teachers with direct instruction of skills via an evidenced based program
  3. Targeted supports/intervention for kids who may need additional teaching/supports