Math 7/8 & Math 8

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What is my grade? Grades are a representation of the learning that has been demonstrated by the student.

  • A (100% - 90%), B (89% - 80%), C (79% - 70 %), D (69% - 60%), F (Below 60%)

50%- student turned in the assignment, but is UNABLE to show ANY knowledge of the skills

60%- student is unable to show skills unless teacher has STEP-BY-STEP worked through the problem with the student.

70%- student is able to show BASIC level of skills, work contains errors and student is unable to demonstate skill consistently.

80%- student is able to successfully/consistently demonstrate skills at a basic level and can complete simple applications.

90%- student is able to successfully/consistently demonstrate skills at an ADVANCED level, can complete simple applications, AND can make progress towards ADVANCED applications.

100%- student demonstrates ALL skills and applications at the ADVANCED level of understanding.

  • Grades are averaged from 3 categories:

· 60% Assessments (tests and quizzes) individual demonstration of learned concepts

· 30% Assignments (classwork and homework) show practice of new concepts and progression towards final learning

· 10% Review Skills (Math’s Mates- one per week, Tuesday-to-Tuesday)

How can students help themselves?

  • Use the planner—this means writing in it AND bringing it home. (website will also have the assignments listed for absent students)
  • Bring home the math BINDER daily—notes, examples, and worksheets are in the binder and can help with the current homework.
  • Corrections: Students have the opportunity to improve their grade through corrections. The purpose is to allow students to learn from their mistakes and demonstrate their knowledge to a more proficient level.
      • Corrections need to show the problem solved correctly with all work
      • Students earn half-credit back (ex.: 70% COULD become 85%)
      • Homework corrections will be accepted all year.
      • Test corrections for the first semester can be made if a student scores less than 80%, second semester test corrections can be made if a student scores less than 60%.

Homework Assignments: Homework is given each day (Mon.-Thurs), due the next day.

  • Students will be graded on their ability to demonstrate what they have learned and must have work to receive full credit on an assignment.
  • Having only the answers will result in NO CREDIT and students will need to complete the assignment before a grade can be earned.
  • If a student has forgotten/lost their homework it may be completed during recess or after school, and turned in on the day it was due with no penalty.
  • Homework not turned in will receive a “missing” score (which averages as a zero) until received, but may be turned in for a grade until the end of a unit.
  • Homework will not be accepted after unit of learning has been assessed (a unit test taken).

Math’s Mates Sheet (Tuesday-to-Tuesday)

  • Concepts build on one another all year long.
  • Keeps all basic skills fresh in students’ mind.
  • Student self-reflection and goal setting
  • Graded for completion, must show work on problems marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Skills assessment at the end of each quarter.