Scientific and Cultural Collaborative at CMS

Creighton Middle School is proud to be an SCC Alliance Grant recipient! A special thanks to the group of teachers and staff members who worked to make this grant possible for our students! Check back here for updates on what's coming up as a result of this partnership with SCFD and the Alliance Grant, and check the tabs out for more information.

Upcoming Programs:

Taiko Drumming: Music Around the World: 9/29

Holocaust Speaker: 10/6

Words in Motion: 10/20

Stories Rock! Stories connecting Cultures: 10/25

Cherry Creek Mobile Art Gallery: 10/31-11/10

Field Trip to Colorado Symphony Youth Concert: 11/14

Words in Motion: Vocabulary presented by the Denver Ballet: 11/17

Myths from Hispanic Culture: 12/6

Slater Elem (Partner School) Field Trip to Seussical at the Arvada Center: 2/15

The Threat From Within--Understanding Domestic Extremism: 2/23