General information about this class

Computers are around us in everything we do. Even when we don't use them directly, they influence us. My goal is to have students learn to use technology safely to make their world better. I will try to introduce students to as many different uses and possibilities as I can in 9 weeks. Some possibilities are web design, photo editing, internet safety, coding, create music, create/review video games, learn to type, collaboration, history of computers, future of technology....There are so many things that could be done in this class and things are constantly changing so my curriculum will reflect that. As I find new and better ways to do things, I will incorporate them into my class. I want to challenge students to always grow and learn.

Late/missing work

I do not require any materials in class except for a set of headphones/earbuds. I teach a totally paperless class. If you miss a day, look at the calendar and e mail me with questions. I want students to take responsibility for learning and have fun doing it. If you have a late/missing content assignment, please still do it - I want you to learn and I don't care if it is after our class moved on (99% of the time I will even change your grade!). If it is a work habits grade, I will most likely not change it. Work habits is like a snapshot in a moment (ex: did you turn a paper in on time) and therefore does not change. the biggest thing to remember in my class is to learn and ask questions - I am here to help you learn.