College Application Process

Sending Transcripts to Colleges. . .

  1. Apply to the college or colleges you are interested in.
  2. Pay $3 (exact change please) for each transcript you want sent in the RVHS financial office.
  3. You will get a receipt indicating the purchase.
  4. Transcripts for college or NCAA or NAIA cost $3, but scholarships are free.
  5. Fill out a Transcript Request Form in the counseling office and take both the receipt and the form to your counselor.

If you need a Letter of Recommendation...

  • Log in to Naviance
  • Go to the “About Me” tab
  • To create the form, link to the “Letter of Recommendation Form” in the top left corner
  • Update to save information, then...
  • Go to “Colleges" tab and link to "Letter of Recommendation"
  • Choose "Add Request" at top right and use drop down to pick teacher or counselor