Ralston Valley High School Yearbook

To purchase a yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year, please visit the finance office or purchase one when you pay for your fees for the school year in Jeffco Connect.

Senior Pictures (Click for detailed info)


Please be sure to label your photo with your first and last name so that it is clearly identified as you. The link will be live and ready to accept submissions after June 15.

Use this link to submit your Senior Photo: https://images.jostens.com/413313703

Baby Ads

We will continue to offer an opportunity to purchase what is called a Senior Baby Ad. This is a written tribute to your child with a baby picture or two to show the growth your child has made over the years. These are really popular because it is usually a surprise for your son or daughter to see their baby picture in the back of the yearbook with a sentimental message from you.

This year, like last, The Yearbook Company will organize and design these baby ads throughout the fall semester of 2019.

Link: www.theyearbookcompany.com

Please do not bring any baby ad photos or payment to the school. Everything will be handled through The Yearbook Company.

Share Your Pictures With Us

Help us curate the photos for this year's yearbook by uploading them here: www.replayit.com

Please be sure to include labeling that tells us what the event is and who's in the picture!