Mr. Albert

Rachel Armbrust

Upper Elementary

303-972-2627 x 232

14 lb. 32in. Rainbow Trout caught by Mr. Albert

Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel is a recent graduate of CU-Boulder with a B.A. in History and Minor in Leadership. She loves to travel, ski, eat good food, and will compliment the instruction.

Mr. Albert comes to MPA

Mr. Albert is a new Upper Elementary Lead Teacher at MPA. He likes fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. He's going to bring his experience from the outdoors into the classroom. He's a CSU alumni.

Students dissect owl pellets to find animal skeleton inside.

Skate City Field Trip 11/30

Students dissect flowers to learn parts of flower

Field Trip to the Denver Zoo Wednesday

December. 19

Sack Lunch Needed