Mr. Albert

Rachel Armbrust

Upper Elementary

303-972-2627 x 232

14 lb. 32in. Rainbow Trout caught by Mr. Albert

Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel is a recent graduate of CU-Boulder with a B.A. in History and Minor in Leadership. She loves to travel, ski, eat good food, and will compliment the instruction.

Mr. Albert comes to MPA

Mr. Albert is a new Upper Elementary Lead Teacher at MPA. He likes fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. He's going to bring his experience from the outdoors into the classroom. He's a CSU alumni.

Students dissect owl pellets to find animal skeleton inside.

Skate City Field Trip 11/30

Students dissect flowers to learn parts of flower

Spacecraft Project for November

I've introduced a new unit, "SPACE: The Final Frontier", this week.

The project I am assigning is going to be sent to you next Monday, Nov. 12th by email.

Dear Parents,

Our class is starting an adventure to the solar system and beyond! I have been giving lessons on the solar system starting with information on the sun. Today we've visited Mercury & Venus. Many books and videos for research are from our library and the Douglas County Library. Please have your children return any library books left at home.

The first assignment DUE Friday, November 30 is to Construct a inter-galactic spacecraft that can be use to visit far away planets. The size should be no bigger than a shoe box or a football and weighing only 2 lbs or less so I can display them all from the classroom ceiling! Use anything to build it (ie., small boxes, paper tubes, pipe cleaners, or any other art supply-don't spend a lot of $!). The more detail the better!

The second assignment DUE Friday, December 7 is to select an topic in astronomy, space, space-related physics, or other topic to research and hand write a two-page (2) report (single-space on college-ruled paper) or type a 1 1/2 page report using size 14 font. Pictures, models, real artifacts are great but pictures should not be used in the length of the report. Or, students may put together a poster board or tri-fold display board with information and pictures on the topic. Neatness counts! All reports need to include a bibliography of sources used.

I can't wait to see all the fantastic creations and reports which should be fun for the whole class!

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Mr. Albert/Ms. Rachel