Mr. Albert

Miss Emily Montague Mendonca

Upper Elementary

303-972-2627 x 232

A 32 inch 14 lb. whopper!

Mr. Albert comes to MPA

Mr. Albert is a new Upper Elementary Lead Teacher at MPA. He likes fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. He's going to bring his experience from the outdoors into the classroom. He's a CSU alumni.

Miss Emily Montague Mendonca, U.E. Teaching Assistant

Emily enjoys running, mountain biking and cooking. Most of all she enjoys spending time exploring Colorado with her 3 kids. Emily worked in the airline industry many years and decided to follow her dream of teaching. She is excited to be here at MPA!

Students dissect owl pellets to find animal skeleton inside.

Skate City Field Trip 11/30

Students dissect flowers to learn parts of flower

Dec. '18 Class Astronomy Project: The Solar System

Students learning to program a robot. Feb. '19