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Primary/Kindergarten Parent Handbook: 

Ms. Shari Class Procedures 2023/2024

Primary Classroom Procedures 

Morning Drop Off and Dismissal Procedures  Kindergarten students will be able to be dropped off in the elementary carpool circle in the mornings.  Preschool students need to be walked Snack In order to ensure the safety of all students, there will be no shared snack. We are asking that you please pack your child a snack EVERYDAY for them to eat during our designated morning time. 

Lunch Full day students will need to bring lunch on a daily basis. Unfortunately we are unable to refrigerate lunches so please be sure to include ice packs if necessary. In order to help foster each student’s independence, please pack a lunch that your child is able to take out and put away by himself/herself. We are always available to assist your child should they need help, but when they can do it themselves the smile of, “I can do it!” is rewarding for all. We are not able to heat food up for students.

Birthday Celebrations We love sharing your child’s special day. Please do not send treats to school as we cannot share food/items. We will continue the Montessori tradition of Walking Around the Sun

Specials (Art, Music, PE) Kindergarten students will have Art, Music, and PE every Friday afternoon. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences Parent/teacher conferences take place twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Watch for more details later in the year. 

Communication Communication is integral to building a strong bridge between home and school. Voicemail and email is checked at 7:30 am and at 3:30 pm. Teachers will respond within 24 hours. The children are our focus, and as such, teachers are not available to answer questions during carpool line or during class time. Should any questions or concerns arise, please feel free to send an email or leave a voice message. A Friday Folder will be sent home weekly which will include important school information, pertinent classroom communications and weekly work that your child has completed. in through the main doors and come through the primary wing. Remember to sign your child in and out on the sheet provided. Please exit through the doors facing west, on the Kipling side.

Pick-up Procedures Preschool students full day half day preschool need to be picked by entering through the main doors and signing out your student at the classroom door. 

Kindergarten students will be picked up in the kindergarten carline. If your child still requires assistance buckling, you can park and pick your child up from the outside carline, or you can pull forward to the “buckle zone”. 

Please do not get out of your car while in the kindergarten carline. Your teacher will load your student from the rear passenger side door. This helps ensure everyone's safety while cars are passing on the opposite side. 

Please make sure you have your carpool sign displayed at all times. Your teacher will provide the sign for you at the beginning of the school year. 

Please use the crosswalk at all times

Please see our 2023-24 classroom welcome letter and our
student supply list here.