Heidi Travis

 and Samantha Campbell

Primary - Blue Flax Flower Room


303-972-2627 x 214

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Hello wonderful MPA families of classroom 214!

My name is Heidi Travis (Ms. Heidi). 

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Art Education from CSU in 2000.  I taught Art in public schools for 3. I was a Montessori Assistant Teacher for 7 years. I received my Montessori Certification from the Montessori Training Center of the North East in Hartford, CT and I’ve been a Lead Montessori Teacher since 2014.

I love to paint and draw.  I have painted many murals in homes, children’s rooms and pediatric offices.  These days I often find that my journal is my best outlet for my art.  I can grab my journal each day and write some words of gratitude and intentions for the day and do a little doodling.  I am a maker and enjoy sewing, crochet, jewelry making and other crafty things.

I am an amateur gardener.  Growing things has a positive effect on my spirit.  When I can’t garden, I take pictures of flowers and other tiny growing things.  

I sing whenever possible…which is most of the time.  I love to sing in the classroom with children.  I do not currently play any instruments but can pick out simple tunes on the piano, xylophone, kalimba and recorder.

I am married to my high school sweetheart since 1996.  Rhett is a high school Science Teacher.  You can often find him in the mountains. I have two children.  My daughter Arwyn loves theater, music and writing.  My son Rowan was a student at MPA, enjoys trail biking, and Legos.  Our family dog is named Nala.

Our family loves to hike, kayak and just be outside together.  We always have a bag of hammocks in my car for “hanging out” together near rivers, lakes, or just in the woods.  

My favorite part of the Montessori curriculum is Peace Education. I am passionate about being a part of children’s first experiences with a community of young people and guiding them as they navigate the social situations that arise in that community.  Our lessons in Grace and Courtesy are a beautiful way to practice being a good friend, being assertive, caring for oneself and others as well as the environment within a community of children.  Giving children tools to find calm and peace even when they are hurt or angry, so that they can more effectively communicate with their peers and teachers, is a lifelong skill.  To practice using these tools while they are young gives their Absorbent Minds something they will treasure and continue to practice for a lifetime within their family, workplace and the world.

May we all practice peace and courageous communication!

Ms. Heidi