Karen Buschman

Jen Walsh

Upper Elementary



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Welcome to another year at MPA!

I am excited to be returning this school year. My alternative employment plans have been delayed and MPA asked me to come mentor Jen Walsh who is doing the Montessori training. I feel so blessed to be able to continue with this wonderful group of students and to get to know the new students. I have missed seeing you all and am looking forward to August. I hope that you are all enjoying your summer days and extra family time.

I have been enjoying my summer doing a lot of work around my house and yard and relaxing. My oldest daughter moved out of my home this summer and my younger daughter spent most of the summer in China. It has been my son and I in the house for a while. I am getting a feeling of empty nest! I’m glad it isn’t permanent yet.

For those who don't know me, let me give you a few details. My children started coming to this wonderful school in 2005. I began my love of the Montessori philosophy at that time. Six years ago I began working as an assistant in our classroom. After my first year I was encouraged to take the Montessori certification training. This has been a wonderful addition to my college degree in Biology with a teaching emphasis. Teaching is truly a love of mine.

The plan for this school year is for me to mentor Jen to take over the room when she is certified. We will be sharing the teaching load and I am excited to be working with her. For those who don’t know Jen, she has been at MPA as an assistant in room 208 for 3 years. She has a masters degree in Music and taught in a couple of local schools. She has a son named Jasper who just turned 1, a musical husband (Joe), Jersey the dog, and a cat named Cat. (There's a story that goes with the name.) She is excited to be returning as a co-lead.

Looking forward to a great year,

Ms. Karen & Ms. Jen