Jen Walsh

Carola Hiltawsky

Upper Elementary

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Welcome families!

We are excited to start a new year with you. Though it sure has been different recently, we are planning a fun and educational year!

I'm Ms. Jen, the lead teacher in our classroom! I have my Master's degree in Music from DU. I am a Texas native, moving to Colorado when I was 12. I met my husband in our high school marching band. We have a wonderful toddler boy, named Jasper! He comes to visit from time to time, so I hope you have a chance to meet him! Over the last 2 summers, I've been taking Montessori classes in Boulder. I was co-lead with Ms. Karen last year, and I am taking over the classroom this year.

I am honored to announce that Ms. Carola is coming back to our class this year! She has been in the class before moving to help in another class last year. Ms. Carola grew up in Germany, so I'm excited to share that our first project in Continent Studies will be in Europe! With her first hand experience, we'll go on an amazing journey!

I can't wait to meet with you all and work through this changing time together!

Feel free to email me at

Love and Peace,