Math at CLC with Ms. Downing

Welcome to Math with Ms. Downing at Connections Learning Center! Use this website to learn about what is happening in the classroom, who Ms. Downing is, and how to contact her.

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Who is Ms. Downing?


My name is Raini Downing and I am the Mathematics teacher at Connections Learning Center in Golden, CO. I am excited about this year and plan to work towards our goal at CLC:

"Connections Learning Center is committed to identifying, intervening, and affecting change in students, guiding them to their success"

In our math classroom, we are not only focused on the state standards (Common Core), or our academic content, but life skills such as entering the room appropriately, providing constructive and polite feedback to others, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Before moving to Gunnison, CO to go to school at Western State Colorado University to obtain my Bachelors in Secondary Mathematics, I was born and raised in Jefferson County. I love being right at the foot of the mountains and close enough to attend the Denver Broncos, Colorado Mammoth, and Colorado Rockies games here in Denver.

After the move back to the Denver-Metro area, I received a job at a virtual public school that provided public school needs for a diverse population of students. I had the opportunity to work with students who were training to be Olympians and working towards scholarships to Julliard, as well as students who were too ill to be present in a classroom and required flexibility in their classes.

During this time I applied to Western Governors University to receive my Master of Arts in Secondary Education in under a year so I could prepare myself for the classroom. This is one of my most memorable moments! Not only did I earn my Masters degree, but the graduation ceremony was at Disney World, a place I love to visit often with my family!

When I am not at work or enrolled in school, I enjoy reading a good book, preferably something cheesy and romantic, watching sports, traveling with my fiancé and family, watching crime shows, mostly Major Crimes, and hanging out with my cat.

Contact Information



Phone: (303) 982-7008

What is happening in Math class?

Hut, Hut, Hike!

Each class period working to earn enough yards to move their football to score a touchdown! When a class scores a touchdown, they earn a reward of their choice. To earn yards, the average score of their behaviors is calculated. Classes can move 1, 2, 3, or 4 yards each day and need 100 yards for their reward.

Earning Stamps!

To motivate students to stay on task, collaborate well with others, and ask good questions, they are given a stamp book and are working to collect stamps. They can trade in these stamps for CLC Cash to spend in the school store, (more prize options coming soon...)

But first, let me take a #SELFIE!

It is important to take a #SELFIE in math class! A student will be able to say "I Showed my work, Explained my answer, used Lots of math vocabulary, Found multiple solutions, I preserved through the problem, and Eliminated careless errors." When a student is caught taking a #SELFIE, they earn a selfie with Ms. Downing and they are displayed in the classroom for the remainder of the year. My goal is to take a selfie with each of my math students by the end of the year (if not sooner)!

Need Make-Up Work?

It is recommended that students do not miss class because important conversations about the concepts are always happening. If students have an excused absence coming up, please communicate with me to get work ahead of time.

Checking Grades

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