Schedules & Class Registration

Schedules can be found by logging into Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus can be found by accessing the Student Portal under the Links heading on

To find your locker information, go to Reports on the left menu and you will see Schedule with Locker Information as an option.

Schedule changes for Second Semester 2018-19 are NOW CLOSED

Pomona has a schedule change policy which states that only changes for “an academic compelling reason” will be allowed. Examples of academic compelling reasons are listed below. A student should not drop an Honors or AP level class, see the contract that was signed before starting the class, the class may only be considered for a drop with the AP/Honors Add/Drop form that includes the signature from your teacher.

Allowable Schedule Changes:

1. A student needs a specific class to graduate or as a prerequisite

2. The student is in the wrong level class or in a class without the proper prerequisite

3. The student’s schedule is incomplete

4. To maintain the integrity of the master schedule, we can move students from a larger class into a smaller class but NOT the other way

CHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED (Counselors will not even consider these requests):

1. Teacher preference

2. Class period preference

3. Moving classes to be with friends

4. Off period preferences

2018-2019 Course Planning Guide