Soundsations is an advanced, auditioned mixed choir of juniors and seniors featuring Show and Jazz music enhanced by choreography. All Sounds members are members of Chorale. Sounds performs at all choir department concerts, community events as well as at state and national competitions. Attendance at rehearsals AND performances is mandatory. Members MUST meet eligibility requirements for all competitions/performances during the school day and for CHSAA events. If members are ineligible per CHSAA guidelines, they will not compete or perform and may face removal from the choir. Students purchase custom made outfits. Auditions are held mid-second semester. Those auditioning must meet audition requirements which include being enrolled and active members of Pomona Choir Department to be considered for the group. A majority of the members from this group are part of the PAH program. (Members wanting credit and letting points for Chorale class, must also sign up for Chorale--2nd hour. Otherwise, music for Chorale will be taught in Sounds with six to ten additional rehearsals after school).