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If you are having any technical issues, please follow this four-step process:

STEP 1. Unless there is physical damage to your Chromebook, conduct the following troubleshooting techniques:

  • Logins:

    • Use a Chrome browser and make sure you are logged in with your school ( Google account and not a personal account (ie: gmail)

    • Use the login "Sign in with Google" button whenever is it presented

  • Update: make sure your Chrome browser and Chromebook are fully updated. Click here for instructions on updating.

  • History/Cache: clear your cache/history to "All time" (click here).

  • Extensions: clear out your non-school and gaming extensions. Click here for instructions.

    • There are a lot of extensions and games students add that mess with features on your device. So, we need you to clear out anything that isn't school-used

  • Restart: shutdown your computer, wait 10 seconds before restarting

STEP 2. After you have tried all these troubleshooting tips and you are still experiencing problems, call our district family-student IT line at (303) 982-3438.

STEP 3. If they still cannot fix the issue and determine that your device needs to go to repair, contact Mrs. Polacsek and we will make arrangements to meet you at the school to submit the device as well as check out a loaner device for you to use in the interim.

  • Lisa Polacsek, Digital Teacher-Librarian -

STEP 4. When the device comes back from repair, we will contact you to come to pick it back up at Vanderhoof Elementary School. Please remember to bring your loaner device for return.

Elementary Digital Tools for Parents
GOCDGOCD: How to Add a Home Printer to a Chromebook.pdf

Securely -we are now providing families with the ability to monitor and control their student’s internet and app activity on district devices at home

VIDCZOOM: Accessing a Zoom Meeting as a Student

Accessing Zoom as a student

Math Expressions -Online locker.docx

Math Program Online

At school we use a program called Math Expressions. The online piece of this program is called Think Central. The sheet to the left gives an overview of what student's see when they access their account.

Chromebook Help

Chromebook troubleshooting


Zoom Etiquette

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