The Golden Rule of Science

About Ms. Katie Goldner

I am from a small farm town near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I went to college at Michigan State to play college softball, and graduated with majors in biology and education and a minor in chemistry.

I absolutely love adventuring in, including but not limited to, playing softball and beach volleyball, skiing, snorkeling, camping, hiking, working out and much much more! I have a wonderful significant other, Patrick, pictured. I'm also in love with my beautiful rescue border collie/australian shepard mix Lily.

On the road to Chatfield, I have taught 6 years in Colorado. I taught biology, AP biology, and anatomy and physiology my first year in Elizabeth Colorady. From there, I have spent my last 5 years at Mountain Vista High school. There I taught everything from biology and chemistry, to anatomy and physiology, and aquatic (marine) biology. At Chatfield, I will be teaching Natural Science and Marine Biology.

I have a strong passion for student success. I am and want to be an ally for student's and families in reaching student success, whatever that looks like for each student. Please feel free to email me, come by and see me, or arrange a time to meet with me at anytime.