Ms. Cruz's

Art Class

Ms. Cruz is the Art Teacher at Vanderhoof Elementary in Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado

May Challenge

Vanderhoof Students and Parents: I'm curious to see who looks at my website... If you are a student at Vanderhoof and you and your parents have looked at this website, come to Ms. Cruz and say the code phrase "Creativity is Fun!" and receive a prize from Ms. Cruz. Please be fair and instead of telling your friends the code phrase, tell them to look at this website!

Student Artwork was on display at Newk's Eatery for the Vanderhoof PTA Fundraiser on Tuesday, April 17.

Summer Art Camps

In addition to the art camp at Vanderhoof that Mrs. Counterman and Mrs. Laurita will be putting on, there are a few other options to consider. Click on link to go to the informaton page.

Congratulations to Nicolette L. (4th Grade), Penelope R. (5th Grade) and Lily L. (6th Grade). Nicolette constructed the African Lion Mask. Penelope designed the colorful Mandala. Lily created the Owl Mola. Their artwork is on display at the Equity and Excellence Art Exhibition that is going on now at the Jeffco Ed Center as representatives of fantastic artwork that is produced at Vanderhoof. A very special honor was given to Lily. Her artwork was chosen as BEST OF SHOW for the 2D Elementary category!!! Way to go, Lily! You are invited to view the show from now until April 3rd at the Jeffco Ed Center.

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to represent Vanderhoof Elementary at the Jeffco Schools Foundation Elementary Art Show:

Evan M. - 1st Grade

Zoe W. - 1st Grade

C.J. - 1st Grade

Elijah M. - 2nd Grade

Ruby M. - 2nd Grade

Ava H. - 3rd Grade

Warren S. - 3rd Grade

Roman G. - 3rd Grade

Dakota S. - 3rd Grade

Will P. - 4th Grade

Cirya M. - 4th Grade

Josie M. - 5th Grade

Derrick F. - 5th Grade

Chad F. - 5th Grade

Lucy P. - 6th Grade

Kelseigh - 6th Grade

Their artwork will be on display at Red Rocks Community College from February 17-March 15. Everyone is invited to go see the amazing display.

I am so excited to be a part of the Vanderhoof community starting this year. I am in my 24th year of teaching. This is my fifth year of teaching Art. Before that I was a classroom teacher in Kindergarten through fourth grades at different points in my career. Besides my interest in art, I also love to travel around the world and spend time with friends and family. My adorable dogs, Leo and Vinci, are named for the artist Leonardo DaVinci. I am a big fan of the Broncos and FC Barcelona.