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7th Grade Language Arts and World Area Studies


From January 25-February 22, we will be working on our Argumentative Essays. This is a 5 paragraph essay that will take several weeks to complete. As students are still learning the art of "chunking" their long term assignments, I am modeling the behavior with the small assignments during this unit. You are going to see a LOT of assignments in Google classroom...DO NOT FEAR! Each assignment is a tiny piece of the overall project and should be completed during class. Students will be given between 25-30 minutes for every assignment during class to ensure they are able to finish the final paper. Each assignment is a step towards that final product and will ensure students have everything they need to be successful in the overall experience. Students should have each assignment finished before they leave class for the day. My goal is to limit the amount of time they need to spend on this without teacher support. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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