Mrs. Kim's

Art Room

Welcome to Mrs. Kim's Art Room! I am the art teacher for both Fitzmorris Elementary and Coal Creek Canyon K-8. This will be my fourth year of teaching elementary art and I am very excited to be working with both communities. I love helping students imagine and create artwork every day!

I am originally from Michigan but my family and I have lived in Colorado for ten years. When I am not teaching, I love hiking, swimming, reading, painting watercolors, traveling and spending time with my 3 children and husband.

Student art from Fitzmorris and Coal Creek Canyon K-8 is now being displayed in the childrens’ section of the Arvada Library in Old Town Arvada. Congratulations to the following students whose artwork was chosen for the month of April!

Fitzmorris Elementary

Alura * Benita * Tyler * Jae * Angelina * Lily * Ty * Ashlyn * Taylor * Brenna * Elisabeth * Rylee * Audrianna * Xavier * Jenna * Vangy * Noah * Evan * Adrian * Jeremiah * Nate C. * Hailey * Jonash * Brooke * Kenzie * Marley * Abigail * CJ * Amaya * Devon * Dakota * Paisley * Emma * Joey * Kennedy * Lailah *Elly K. * Quentin * Victoria * Aniah * Kayla * Alessandra * Makiah * Sammi * Elias * Bella * Fiona

Coal Creek Canyon K-8

Lahna * Abby * Alta * Isabella * MaKaila * Aubrie * Christina * Gavin * Maya * Forest * Declan * Mia * Andy * Melissa * Henry * Rocco * Lani * Haven * Andre * Erik * Kaya * Anna * Honor * Annika * Sam * Aiden * Enzo * Elena * Asia * Rayleigh * Cora * Emma M. * Keegan * Elly * Isaak * Josephine * Gwen * Acadia * Stella * Avery * Kyra * Cohen * Ava * Espen

Looking for summer art camp opportunities? Check out these websites that offer summer camps for student artists June through August.

The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder (

The Arvada Center, Arvada (

Foothills Art Center, Golden (

If you have any questions or concerns about your students or what they are doing in class, the best way to contact me is through email

1st Grade T1 Using Visual Vocabulary to Tell a Story

T2 Sequences and Patterns in Art

T3 Steps in Art Processes

2nd Grade T1 Objects and the Still Life in Art

T2 Expressions and Emotions in Portraits

T3 Landscapes: Creating an Illusion of Space

3rd Grade T1 Personal Functions of Art: Express Individual Ideas, Emotions, and Feelings

T2 Practical Functions of Art: Architecture and Design

T3 Social and Cultural Functions of Art: Honoring, Remembering Teaching

4th Grade T1 Imagination, Invention and Abstraction

T2 Landscapes: Do artists always follow the rules?

T3 Aspects of Color

5th Grade T1 Visual Problem Solving: Design and Composition

T2 Structure: Movement and the Human Form

T3 The Open Window or the Picture Plane: Exploring Value and Perspective

6th Grade T1 Connecting Art to the Human Experience

T2 Visual Vocabulary: Metaphor, Symbol and Expression

T3 Color and Expression

7th /8th T1 Surrealism and Abstraction : Art History periods and Schools

T2 20th Century Sculpture : Periods and Schools

T3 Jewelry and Fibers