How do I log into my school google?

log in: (your student id number)

Password: usually birthday (ex:02092008 for Feb 9,2008)

Moby Max:

Login: first initial then last name

Password: DHS1819

Atlas Online

Login: first initial then last name (like Moby Max) *some have a 1 after their last name.

Password: DHS1819


Class Code: cel9223

Class Password: DHS1819


Class Code: B4D72A

Book Creator:

Homeroom: P7WWDJL

"Pandemic" Journal: 66ZJRHS


Class Code: QYDYL6

Discovery Education:

Login: first initial and last name (first two letters Capital)1819

Ex: JSmith1819

Password: DHS1819


Sign in with google classroom

Denver Post

Drop down choose Denver Post.

Username: DHS