7th Grade Tech Ed

Here's what's going on in Tech Ed! If you were gone, check below to find out what you missed. Remember you are responsible for what is listed and have two days to finish for every day you miss. Handouts can be found to the right of the calendar. Videos are under the Video drop-down menu.

7th grade, students are learning the basics of engineering. They will be doing a research project that includes a presentation, brochure, or flyer as well as taking notes on an Engineering Career of their choice.

Then students will be learning how to use Solid Works which is a high end CAD program. They will be using Critical Thinking Skills as they learn how to read Technical Writing and using Diagrams to create images in 3D!

We will focus on the Engineering Design process and how it is used in some of the different areas of Technology Development. Learning will be project-based and all work will be culminated in a design portfolio.

Class Handouts