Mrs. Phillips 8th grade Math

This is Rocky. He passed away in March 2014.

Say hello to Thor (blonde) and Loki (brown), my two Cocker Spaniel dogs.

Big Ideas log in has changed!!!! Use Jeffco for id and student for password.

Welcome to Math 8 and Algebra.

In Math 8, I hope you are ready to learn about transformations, working with equations, linear relationships, functions, exponents, rational and irrational numbers, and bivariate statistics. We will be working in the latest edition of the Big Ideas Book, which looks a little different from the one you used last year.

In Algebra, we will be learning about inequalities, linear functions, polynomial expressions, quadratic functions, exponential functions, radical functions and descriptive statistics. In Algebra, we will be working with graphing calculators, but you do not need to own one for your self. There is a class set that we will be using at school. If you do want to have your own, Target or Office Depot has a nice selection.

There is Math Tutoring available for extra help after school until 4:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please use this time to get caught up on your work, answer your questions, or just spend some time getting to understand the math concepts better.

A little bit about me: This is my 27th year teaching in Jefferson County and my fourth year at Wayne Carle Middle. I live with my husband, Gregg, and my dogs, Thor and Loki. I enjoy quilting, gardening, golfing, and fishing. I love chocolate, tapas, and watching Survivor and Big Brother.

Please contact me if you have any questions at

Late Work Policy:

Keep up with the daily assignments!Due to the pacing of the material—you have to know how to do today’s lesson to understand tomorrow’s lesson. I do offer the following opportunities:

You can complete the work for partial credit prior to the Unit test:

Same-day after school tutoring sessions on Tuesdays and Thursday is available if you forgot your homework for full credit.

After-school Tutoring Sessions:

Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:00

Extra help is available after school for corrections. Either Mrs. Phillips will sign you up for this help or you can request time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Grading: 60% for Assessments

30% for Daily Assignments

10% for Basic Skills (Math Mates)