Parent Information

Common Questions:

Is it okay to send my child with a snack and water bottle?

Yes! We are one of the last grade levels to have lunch. Thus, the students can have a quick snack around 10:00. Some good options for snack are pretzels, crackers, popcorn, fruit and veggies. Students are allowed to drink their water throughout the day. I remind them to take home water bottles at dismissal time in order to have them washed for the next day.

How can we celebrate my child's birthday?

We love sharing your child's special day together! We will sing "Happy Birthday" to them, they become line leader for the day, and we have a special chair decoration for them. If you would like to bring something for them to hand out to friends, a good idea is something simple like pencils, erasers, stickers and trinket items. We have a school policy to promote a healthy diet, so please limit bringing in sugary deserts. Thank you!

If my child is going to be absent, what about make-up work?

If your child is only absent one day, I will try to have them complete most work when they are back at school. If you are planning on going on vacation with your family, please let the office staff know as well as myself. I will try to get you math pages that we will be completing while the absence occurs. Also, please have your child read for 30 minutes each day. They can share their trip with my through daily journal entries. Please look over their work and ensure that it is completed with correct punctuation.

How will I know what my child's behavior was for the day?

Our classroom expectations are simply to:

1. Be respectful to others by using kind words and actions.

2. Be responsible by doing my best learning.

3. Be safe by always being where I need to be.

Every student begins the day on the color purple and shows they are to learn. If your child has been on task and going above and beyond what is expected, they will move their name up on my behavior chart to green or pink. If a student needs to be reminded of expectations, they may have their name moved down to yellow, orange, or red. At the end of the day, they will color on their homework reading calendar to have you initial acknowledgment of how their day went.

When can I volunteer in the classroom?

At the beginning of the year, I ask for a Friday Folder helper to help prepare folders for the end of the week. We also need a classroom parent to organize our Halloween party and Earth Day party. Finally, I love to have parents come in and read with students throughout our morning reading block. If any of those options work for you, please let me know!

What is my child learning?

Here is our curriculum for the year! Please view the document or link and to better understand when we teach each topic within a subject.

If you were unable to attend our Meet and Greet in August, please view the slides.

2nd Grade Meet and Greet