When was the last time learning felt like an Adventure?

The SFS Philosophy

Senior Field Studies is an experiential education program for second semester seniors. In SFS, much of the "class time" is replaced by field experiences. Whether you're riding down strays on a cattle ranch, rappelling down a 80 ft. cliff wall, or visiting a Denver non-profit organization, you'll leave the classroom behind and learn through experience!

City, Country, and the Wild

Students will explore three environments: Urban, Rural, and Wilderness. There are six major course activities, each lasting about two weeks. Major course components include a two-week backpacking and rock climbing trip to Arizona, a one-week Colorado farm or ranch live-in, and a 9-day whitewater rafter expedition to Utah.

SFS Program Overview

Earn Credit Towards Graduation

SFS isn't something you do instead of school...it IS school. You'll earn a full semester's worth of academic credit. For more information, check out the COURSE OVERVIEW page.

Ready to Apply?

SFS is currently accepting application for the class of 2018! Click on the APPLY tab on the left, or contact Mr. Porentas for more information:

Steve Porentas, Program Director