Jr. First Lego League

For more information please contact:

Julie Ross at julieross713@gmail.com

MPA FLL Jr Teams will be using WeDo 2.0 programming software and iPads. Students will build Lego models with motors and sensors and then program their models using the WeDo software. We will have 3 teams with 6 kids each.

What is FLL Jr?

It's is a STEM-based program designed to educate young kids about the principles of scientific research, engineering, and programming. While they do use Lego bricks and software, this is not a Lego club and there is no free-build time scheduled during meetings except to meet specific program objectives.

All participants are expected to attend meetings and actively participate in all aspects of the program including researching the assigned topic, learning about FIRST core values, understanding and using the building skills being taught, and completing any assigned homework.

Quick Facts:

One 1.5 - 2 hour team meeting each week

  • $100 per student
  • 6 kids per team, 2 adult coaches
  • Open to grades K-4, ages 6-10

Team Objectives:

Research a real-world, scientific challenge

  • Learn engineering principles, how to build simple machines, and programming skills
  • Collaboratively design a solution model for the challenge using motorized Lego bricks
  • Create a Show Me Poster to illustrate what they’ve learned
  • Practice team building, communication, and problem solving skills
  • Present their poster and model to Reviewers at the End of Season Expo
  • Celebrate their experience along with other FLL Jr teams from the local area

Registration is closed for the 2019-2020 season.