What When Where

Mustang Minutes 7:40-8:12 (32 min) SSN room

Language Arts 8:16-9:06 (50 min) SSN room

Math 9:10-10:00 (50 min) SSN room

Lunch 10:04-10:54 (50 min) Cafeteria/outside/ SSN for last 14min

Social Studies 10:58-11:45 (50 min) SSN room

Elective (Art/Theater) 11:52-12:42 (50 min) Art or Theater room

Science (gen ed/SSN) 12:46-1:36 (50 min) Science room or SSN room

Adaptive P.E. 1:40-2:30 (50 min) Gym

Speech-Tuesdays and Thursdays

OT- Thursdays (4th hour)

PT-Thursdays (7th hour)

Mental Health- Wednesday (2nd hour)

Support services will be provided for students with service minutes on their IEP.