Student Expectations

The students developed class expectations to mirror Moore's Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) which is referred to as PRIDE. We discussed what PRIDE looks like throughout the building and how the SSN students can demonstrate PRIDE appropriately. The class has established meaningful words that they can remember to reflect PRIDE. We want to take PRIDE in our work and who we are as individuals.


Parent Expectations

Communication- Please communicate any concerns or items that may help me educate your student in my classroom. Fluctuations in their home life will carry over into the classroom. I want to make sure that myself and staff are prepared to handle any situation and support your child where needed. You are the expert in your child's life and any insight is greatly appreciated.

Partnership- You are not alone. I want to work with you to create the best outcomes for your child. They will thrive when we work as a team!

Flexibility- This is the first year for SSN at Moore in over 5 years. Like our lives, I ask you for your flexibility. I will do what I can to make sure everything goes well but life does happen. Please be patient with me.

Teacher Expectations

I will educate your student to the best of my abilities and push their individual levels in all areas of development. I want to be apart of your team and a resource for you in any area I can. I will communicate up coming events within the school, classroom and individual items concerning your student. My goal is to foster an environment that creates independence, positive self image a desire to go for their goals.