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Team Windy Peak...

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Monday - Bus ride up was filled with boisterous singing and also some serious sleeping!

Monday - There was picture perfect snow falling as we arrived at Windy Peak. It stopped shortly afterwards though and has turned out to be a gorgeous day!

Monday - While High School Leaders are involved with their training, the Windy Peak Interns are guiding students through team building activities in order to build community and promote stewardship of self. Stewardship here is a big idea concept and means simply...taking care of, and being responsible for, something entrusted to you.


Monday - Just a video clip of Mandalay students engaged in the team-building activity called the lava walk.

Monday -The A-frame team building challenge!

Monday, - Dr Mike the Bug Guy shared some amazing insects, centipedes, millipedes and spiders. Once kids got over the freaked out factor, many even made the choice to feel a few!

Tuesday - evening flag ceremony. Each bunkhouse shares responsibility to either raising the flag or lowering it and paying tribute to the surrounding beauty and those that fought to enable us to be in that moment.

Tuesday - students were out and about on their cores enjoying the calm before the storm and learning so much about the environment that surrounds them. These two young ladies are analyzing the aspen in front of them for various identifying traits.

Wednesday - students had their first Special Interest class of the week. Some did sand painting, other made friendship bracelets, others looked at way cool stuff in the microscopes, etc...

Wednesday - since it was officially a snow day... we let the kids go out in their proper gear and just be kids. Their were snowmen, their were snow angels, their were snow mermaids, etc... You could hear echos of sweet laughter from them up and down the valley!

Wednesday - A snow day at OLS is just that... a snowy day at OLS. Kids got their gear on and headed out for morning core class. If they did not have the proper snow gear, they just checked some out of the clinic. If you ever have winter clothes, boots, etc... that you want to donate, they can always use them!!

Wednesday - evening programs were way cool tonight. Kids went to two activities, the first one, pictured above, is Colorado Mammals. Students rotated around 6 different sections that contained pelts, horns, etc... from mammal species right here in out CO mountains. The second one was Constellations. Mr. Giroulx read the kids a few stories about how some people believed that certain constellations came to be in the night sky. Kids then created their own constellation and wrote an accompanying story about itÅ› origin.

Thursday - The boys of Alder, the girls from both Silver Spruce and Juniper were the recipients of The Golden Broom for having the cleanest bunks of the week!!

Thursday - A student warming up in the clinic after a long hike on the afternoon core.

Thursday - We did T-shirt Designs on Thursday so everyone has an awesome t-shirt to wear to represent Team Windy Peak!!

Thursday - Line Dancing is always a favorite filled with bunkhouse dance battles, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA, etc...

Thursday - Two students were chosen to put the Windy Peak brand onto our trophy at the closing ceremony.

Friday - Always love the songs, stories and instruments that Mr. Pingle, the Foolish Frog, shares with our attentive Mandalay students.

Friday - WE WON THE FIRST MANDALAY WINDY PEAK OUTDOOR LAB TROPHY!!!!!! We are soooo proud of all students coming together and working as a community to earn this prestigious award!!

Friday - A ginormous THANK YOU to our awesome High School Leaders. They had such a positive effect on our sixth graders. They totally made this week ROCK!!!

Team - Mount Evans...

Google folder for Mount Evans pictures:


Snow day - Mount Evans style!!

Mitch Pingel educating and entertaining on the hammered dulcimer he built himself!

What rhymes with hydration?

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High School Leader Information:

1. Come any day next week Monday - Thursday from 2:15 - 4:30 in Ms. Cochran's room to make name tags for your bunkhouses!! You will then color them with students on Friday, March 8th.

2. Be here Friday by 2:15pm in the gym to be introduced to students and work with the students in your bunkhouse. We will meet afterwards until about 4:30pm to finalize schedules and assign departure roles for Monday morning.

3. Sunday, March 10th from 3-6pm we will be here so you may drop off your luggage along with students.

4. Monday morning March 11th, be at Mandalay at 7:30am to prepare for students arrival at 8:10am.

5. Try to get a ride to Mandalay instead of leaving your vehicle here all week; however, if you need to park towards the far end of the lot and under lights. You do park here at your own risk though. :)

6. We will return Friday at about noon.

  • Text Mrs. Schaefer (ME) or Ms. Cochran (WP) if you have any questions!
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