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NAVIANCE UPDATE: Students now log in using Jeffco Clever. Please use your standard Jeffco password, not your date of birth. Log in is your Student ID#.


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* If your student needs homework due to illness, please email your teacher(s). You can easily email teachers directly from the Parent/Student Portal or via their website(s). Counselors do not coordinate missing homework and assignments.

* Student Schedules are now finalized; the deadline to discuss schedule changes has passed. All students should have a minimum of six (6) classes unless they attend Warren Tech.

* Student schedules are built to meet Jeffco Graduation Requirements, School Board Requirements, and to prepare students for post-secondary (e.g., College) success.

Registrar: Thaina Osorio, 303-982-8204 Counseling Secretary: Barb Alverson 303-982-8187 Counseling Office hours are 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Middle School Counseling - Grades 7, 8

7th Grade Counselor

Sara Gomez 303-982-8141

8th Grade Counselor

Luisa Flores 303-982-8166

Transition Counselor

Kaitlyn West 303-982-8178

High School Counseling - Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Last Names A-Go

Tina Lonardo 303-982-9065

Last Names Gr - Pal

Janet Acerra 303-982-8112

Last Names Pam-Z

Maureen Mallory, Dept. Chair 303-982-0276

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Schedule changes will only be considered for ACADEMIC REASONS such as wrong level of class, not enough classes, class needed for graduation.


Alameda International offers multiple career pathways for our students:

1. IB Diploma Programme2. IB Health Careers Programme3. IB Business Careers Programme4. Pathway to Teaching Career Program5. IB Agriculture Careers Programme6. Warren Tech Programs7. Jeffco Graduation Pathway

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