Little Elementary

8448 Otis Dr.

Arvada, CO 80003

Monika Herrera

Family Engagement Liaison


Office hours: M-F 7:30-4:00

What is a Family Center?

A Family Center is an inclusive, organized, multi-generational learning space. Family Centers are designed for and in collaboration with the community, and provide opportunities where families can connect, grow, learn, and lead. A place where all families, cultures, and languages belong and are valued and treated with dignity. School leaders and staff, families, and community partners are all essential in creating and sustaining a Family Center; because we know the stronger these partnerships are, the more successful students and families will be. A Title I Family Center is an extension and reflection of the National Standards of Family School Partnership: Welcoming all families into the school community, Communicating Effectively, Supporting Student Success, Speaking Up for Every Child, Sharing Power, and Collaborating with the Community.

We believe that children are our future and families are our strength. A Family Center can improve educational outcomes for students and contribute to building and valuing strong and prosperous children, families and the communities in which they live.

At the core, are these beliefs:

  • All families have hopes and dreams for their child and want the best for them.

  • All families have the capacity to support their child’s learning.

  • Families are full and equal partners in their child’s education.

  • The responsibility for cultivating and sustaining partnerships among school, home and community rests primarily on us - educators and school leaders.