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I'm so excited to tell you a bit about me. Back in the day my absolute favorite subject was history! It all started in a cool elementary school in Wisconsin, where I first fell in love with stories from the past.

Then, my adventure continued in the beautiful state of Michigan for my middle and high school years. Imagine learning about knights, dinosaurs, and ancient civilizations – that was my everyday fun!

Later on, I headed to Minnesota for college, where I got to dive even deeper into history. It was like going on a big treasure hunt to discover all the amazing things people did a long, long time ago.

Fast forward to today, and guess what? I'm an art teacher! I've been doing this for 25 years, and let me tell you, the best part of my job is getting to work with awesome students. I help kids discover your inner artists and show you how art and history can go hand in hand.

 I have a deep passion for music, education, and inspiring young minds. As an elementary music teacher, I have the incredible privilege of igniting the spark of musical curiosity in the hearts of my students.

I embarked on my journey in music education at Lebanon Valley College, where I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Music Education along with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. This solid foundation equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to nurture budding musicians and cultivate a love for music in the classroom.

After obtaining my undergraduate degrees, I continued my pursuit of excellence in music education by earning a Master's degree in Music Education. This advanced degree further honed my teaching methodologies and allowed me to delve deeper into the intricacies of music pedagogy.

My journey as an educator has taken me to various settings, each enriching my experience and shaping me into the teacher I am today. I spent two rewarding years teaching in Adams 14 Elementary School, where I had the privilege of fostering musical growth and creativity in young learners.

Additionally, I've served as the Percussion Director at Standley Lake, where I've had the pleasure of guiding aspiring percussionists on their musical journey. My role as the Blue Knights Open Ensemble Director has also been a highlight, allowing me to work with passionate and dedicated individuals in the realm of competitive ensemble performance.

It goes without saying that my favorite subject in school is music. Music has the power to transcend barriers, evoke emotions, and foster creativity in ways that words alone cannot. Witnessing the joy and excitement on my students' faces as they explore rhythm, melody, and harmony reaffirms my love for music and its transformative impact on young minds.

In my classroom, I strive to create a nurturing environment where every student feels empowered to explore their musical abilities and express themselves freely through music. Whether it's singing, playing instruments, or composing their own melodies, I believe that every child has the potential to unlock their inner musician.

As I continue on this remarkable journey as an elementary music teacher, I am committed to inspiring a lifelong love for music in my students and empowering them to discover the beauty and joy that music brings to their lives. I look forward to embarking on this musical adventure together and creating lasting memories through the power of music education.

I've always had a passion for staying active and healthy. My favorite subject in school was Physical Education, and my journey through education has been quite the adventure.

It all began right here in the beautiful state of Colorado. I started at Lumberg Elementary, where I first discovered the joy of playing sports and staying fit. Then came Wheat Ridge Junior High and Jefferson High School, where I took my love for physical education to the next level.

For my college years, I ventured to Deane College and Western State College, where I continued to learn about the importance of staying active and taking care of our bodies.

Fast forward to today, and I'm a Physical Education teacher! I've had the fantastic opportunity to teach at Oakland Elementary, Zerger Elementary, and Thomson Elementary. The best part of my job? It's seeing students like you learn and grow through movement.

I believe that staying active is not just good for our bodies but also for our minds. Whether we're playing games, trying new sports, or just having fun with different exercises, I love that my job lets me combine my passion for fitness with helping students like you discover the joy of learning through movement.

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