Ms. Lavin English 10

Room B315


Phone: (303) 982-5140 (class codes posted at bottom of this page)

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Get ready for a superb year in English 10!

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English 10

Welcome to English 10 with Ms. Lavin! This course will provide a foundation in the reading and writing skills necessary to communicate as an effective and successful individual while also meeting this year’s English class requirements. Through the analysis of some of America’s most influential voices, we will seek to answer some of life’s most pressing questions through discussion, written reflection, and reading analysis. The curriculum addresses the skills delineated by Jeffco’s tenth grade curriculum and more. The course is designed to ensure that students exiting 10th grade are prepared for their junior year and beyond.

Ms. Lavin's Schedule:

Period 1- Planning

Period 2- English 10

Period 3- English 10

Period 4- English 10

Period 5- Den Tutor

Period 6- English 10

Period 7- English 10

ADVISEMENT NOTE: I spend the first 20 minutes of advise in room G211 for LINK Crew. I always return to my classroom by 7:50, so please plan to visit my classroom at or after 7:50 if/when you need help during advise.

**If you need extra help, please just ask! I am typically available before school, during Advisement, and after school until 3:30 PM. Please see me to schedule after school appointments to ensure I will not be in a meeting when you need help. If you are willing to work, I will always be here to help!**


    • Most essays, homework tasks and formal assignments must be submitted via The codes and password to register for my class submission sections are posted below. Please be sure to register for YOUR class period and please note the capitalization used within the password.
      • Period 2 Code: 19236357 Password: COUGARS
      • Period 3 Code: 18693946 Password: COUGARS
      • Period 4 Code: 18693960 Password: COUGARS
      • Period 6 Code: 18693977 Password: COUGARS
      • Period 7 Code: 18693995 Password: COUGARS