Beginning Orchestra Information

Our final concert of the year will be on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at Creighton Middle School at 6:00pm.

Beginning Orchestra students call time is at 5:30pm and should meet in the cafeteria.

Concert Attire: Lakewood Music t-shirt, black pants, black shoes

Students should bring their instrument, rock stop, shoulder rest, folder with music, folding music stand.

Please make sure all of these items are labeled, especially the music stand.

Please mark your calendars!

For more concert dates, please see the Concert Dates page under the "More" tab.



Thursday, August 31 from 4-7pm

Creighton Middle School

Local music stores will be at Creighton to rent out instruments.

Our first lesson will begin the week of Labor Day! September 5-8

Please come with your instrument, book, shoulder rest for violin/violas, rock stop for cellos and bass.

Welcome to Beginning Orchestra! I am very excited to have you join us as we learn how to play the violin, viola, cello and bass!

The book we will be using this year is Sound Innovations, Book 1. The books are instrument specific and come with a play along CD and DVD. Students are encouraged to play along with the CD at home and will be required to watch the introductory DVD after our first class.

Beginning orchestra meets 2 times a week at each school for half an hour. Every student is expected to attend every class (even if you forget your instrument!) with their instrument, shoulder rest for violin and viola, rock stop for cello and bass, binder, book and pencil. Periodically students will be given messages to go home to parents with information about upcoming concerts and events. Students will need to purchase a folding music stand before the first concert on October 18 to use at home for practicing and for every concert.

Students are expected to practice at least 60 minutes throughout the week. Please encourage your students to practice and invite them to play for you. It is most helpful to be positive and encouraging while helping them improve. Their practice space should be quiet and possible for them to focus. This is their homework and expectation for orchestra.

Please take some time to read through the orange handbook that will be given to your child during the first week of class. If you would like to fill out the Family Information Form online, please do so here below.