Learning Strategies

What is Learning Strategies

This course improves students’ learning and personal-management skills, providing students with the support to achieve their future goals. The class emphasis on learning strategies that teach organization, advocacy, executive functioning skills, goal setting, and a time to work on homework.

The goal of Learning Strategies is to teach students "how to learn" by providing them with the learning tools that will help them:

1.) Function independently

2.) Generalize the use of strategies to a variety of situations and expectations

Each week students will look up their grades and create a plan of action for raising their grades by writing weekly goals. The students will also have a daily lesson on strategies such as Growth Mindset, Organization,Test taking strategies, Working Memory, and other Executive Functioning Strategies.

In this course, you will be expected to provide evidence that you can:

Learning Skills

  • identify and use a variety of literacy skills and strategies to improve reading, writing, and oral communication in everyday contexts
  • identify and use a variety of numeracy skills and strategies to improve their practical application of mathematics in everyday contexts
  • demonstrate an understanding of learning skills and strategies required for success in school

Personal Knowledge and Management Skills

  • apply knowledge of their personal skills and learning strengths to develop strategies for success in secondary school
  • identify and describe personal-management skills required for success, and explain their use to help maximize learning
  • demonstrate the use of personal-management skills and strategies to enhance learning

Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills

  • identify and describe the knowledge and skills necessary for successful interpersonal relations and teamwork
  • assess their interpersonal and teamwork skills and strategies, and explain how those skills requiring further development affect their learning
  • demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate interpersonal and teamwork skills in a variety of learning environments