The D.I.G.S is a Dynamic Investigation of Great Stuff!

This is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a topic you are very interested in. This includes developing a plan in your proposal, conducting research, creating a hands-on "do” component, sharing formally with the purpose of educating peers, and reflecting on the experience in your wrap up. The D.I.G.S can be almost anything: sports, cooking, working with younger children, writing, astronomy, animals, chemistry, music, and more. The world is open to you! You will work with your advisor and triad to come up with a topic and action plan. And you get to a D.I.G.S each year of the Foundations program! There are three major components to the D.I.G.S: 1) Do; 2) Research; and 3) Sharing. In your D.I.G.S proposal, you come up with a plan to address each component.

Starting Your D.I.G.S

DIGS Proposal Guidelines

Sharing Your D.I.G.S

What To Put In A DIGS Sharing
Tips For Giving An Awesome Presentation

Wrapping Up Your D.I.G.S

How To Write A D.I.G.S Wrap Up