Students in my Advising create electronic portfolios to document their DIGS and apprenticeships. This documentation becomes extremely important at JCOS because students do not receive grades or have a traditional transcript. There are several reasons why I believe digital portfolios are better than the outdated, 3-ring binder portfolio.

Here are some:

  • Students can more authentically document their work and show growth in their learning
  • ePortfolios come to life in ways paper cannot- video, photos and images, audio clips, animation, hyperlinks, and more!
  • No paper!
  • You never have to worry about losing it or your dog eating it
  • Parents and teachers can always access it
  • You can work on it anywhere there is Internet access
  • You can easily share it with others
  • Students are utilizing technology in a real way and preparing for future use of it

I also understand that technology can be intimidating for some students (and parents!). That is why I work with students to help them feel comfortable and understand how it all works. We do this during our group and individual advising times.

Finally, we use Google Classroom to keep all of our advising assignments organized.