Mrs. Miller Art Class

Welcome to Explore Art

Explore art is a visual art course open to all students. This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the use of art making materials while learning about the elements and principles of visual design. Students will also participate in discussions about art history, art critique, and practice the process artists used to create a variety of artworks. Additionally, students will reflect upon the process and outcome of these experiences, explore historical connections, and participate in class critiques about their progress.


by Leonid Afremov

Course Objectives:

  1. Explore a variety of art media, techniques, and processes
  2. Create works of art that demonstrates the use of the art elements and principles of design
  3. Examine, interpret, and critique a variety of works of art
  4. Experience the expressive possibilities of art media
  5. Practice safe and responsible use of art media, materials, and studio space