Narrative: Crafting True Personal Accounts

The focus of this unit is for students to engage in purposeful study of narrative mentor text, analyzing authors’ craft to be able to apply critical attributes of small moment pieces of writing. As teachers establish classroom routines and expectations for Writing Workshop, students will begin their writer’s notebook, revisiting the stages of the writing process including drafting, editing, and revising. Students will build on prior learning to craft small moment narratives that narrow the focus, explore a variety of leads, develop events in sequential order, describe actions, and provide a sense of closure. Through conferring, teachers help students understand the importance of setting, reviewing, and revising learning goals which will be an ongoing process throughout the entire year.

Expository: explain why (opinion)

The focus of this unit is for students to engage in identifying their opinion and reasons that support it. We will work on a five paragraph essay with following components:

  • Introduction: introduce the topic and your opinion in a non-predictive way
  • Body: Three paragraphs with each reason followed by three clarification, detail, or story sentences following
  • Conclusion that summarizes the opinion and triggers an emotional response
Rubric for Explain Why writing